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The most important criteria for a career in caring for aged or disabled people is crucial that you are a very caring, patient and empathetic person. Elderly or disabled people need very specialised care and this often means you are not only performing specific tasks but are a supportive companion to your client.
Ancillary Healthcare Workers work under the supervision of professional health care workers or nurses. Your job will be to liaise with patients, hospital or clinic staff to deliver healthcare services.
If you love working with children and are passionate about their emotional and physical health and wellbeing, then becoming a child and youth care worker could be for you.  It’s an unfortunate part of our society, but many young people suffer abuse, neglect and emotional distress and various aspects of their lives including within their family or at school. Child and youth care workers make an important difference in the lives of these young people by using their specialised skills to help promote a healthy environment and helping them to reach their full potential. 
Becoming a community worker means that you’ll be involved in community development initiatives and solutions within a community to address needs and various issues.  This could be with regards to health, housing, employment, recreation and other social services matters.
As a social auxiliary worker your role will be to assist social workers to provide support, protection and assistance to those in need and who are vulnerable or in crisis. This can be for individuals or communities as a whole. Essentially, social auxiliary workers support social workers in promoting healthy relationships and community life.
Becoming a social worker is one of those careers where it’s not just a job, it’s a calling. Social workers care deeply about making a difference in both people and communities lives. Their role is to provide support, protection and assistance to those in need and who are vulnerable or in crisis.

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