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What are bursaries?

A bursary is a type of funding that will enable you to further your studies at a higher learning institution. Some bursaries are designed to help individuals while some are designed to provide educational assistance to specific groups.

What kinds of degree programs can I pursue with a bursary?

The kind of degree programs that you can pursue can depend on the terms and conditions of the specific bursary. That said, there are available bursaries for students seeking to pursue a wide variety of careers. These include those in the fields of health and welfare, information technology, finance, engineering, and education among others.

How is a bursary different from other types of educational assistance?

Unlike a loan, a bursary doesn’t have to be paid back in monetary terms. However, some sponsors may require you to work for them after graduating.

Can I get a job through a bursary?

Yes. After the bursary recipient graduates, some bursary sponsors may require them to work for their company or organisation for the same number of years that they received financial assistance.

What are the requirements to apply for a bursary?

Different bursaries may have different terms and conditions; however, typical requirements include the following:

  • South African citizenship or permanent resident status
  • Citizenship or permanent resident status from specific countries aside from South Africa
  • Completion of or ongoing matric
  • Commitment to study full-time once accepted
  • Strong academic performance
  • Enrolment in specific programs
  • Acceptance to specific higher learning institutions

Are bursaries exclusive to undergraduate students?

No. Bursaries are available to both undergraduate and post-graduate students.

What do bursaries cover?

The full extent of educational assistance bursaries provide may differ per sponsor. However, tuition fee coverage is a basic benefit. In some bursaries, registration, examination, and other miscellaneous fees may also be covered. Allowance for school supplies and living expenses may also be provided.

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