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Health and Safety Manager

Health and Safety Managers develop and coordinate safety and health systems and strategies for organisations and identify workplace hazards and risks to employees. 

The exact scope of the responsibilities of a Health and Safety manager may vary per organisation, but you will essentially be tasked with eliminating or minimising physical, chemical and biological hazards that may pose harm to humans within a particular workplace.

As a Health and Safety Manager, you will also be responsible for monitoring the health and safety standards in your organisation and ensuring that they comply with the latest legislation.  

Skills that work well with health and safety management include

How to be a Health and Safety Manager in South Africa

Get the Required Qualifications

The qualifications to be a Health and Safety Manager may vary per organisation, but you will typically need the following qualifications to be a Health and Safety Manager in South Africa.

Demonstrate Competence in the Required Subjects

Different educational institutions may have different admission requirements; however, you will typically be required to demonstrate competency in the following subjects:

Accumulate Years of Relevant Study and Experience

Health and Safety Managers in South Africa typically study for up to six years.

Find Relevant Employment Opportunities

Health and Safety Managers in South Africa typically work in the following sectors: 

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Municipalities
  • Government Departments
  • Manufacturers
  • Research organisations
  • SA Defence Force
  • Mines
  • Department of Agriculture

Find More Information from Relevant Regulatory Bodies

To find more information about health and safety managers in South Africa, contact the Department of Health.

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Health and Safety Officer///Health and Safety Specialist///Leadership and Occupational Health & Safety///NC:Occupational Health, Safety and Environment///Health, Safety and Environmental Management Representative///Workplace Safety Management Implementation

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