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Health & Safety Manager

Health and Safety Managers develop and coordinate safety and health systems and strategies for organisations and identify workplace hazards and risks to employees. 

It is also the study of prevention and control of physical, chemical and biological hazards that are harmful to humans within a particular workplace. 

As a health & safety manager, you will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining the health and safety standards in your organisation according to the latest legislation.  

Required Qualifications

To become a health and safety manager in South Africa, you will need the following qualifications:

Level of Schooling & School Subjects:

  • NSC/NC(V) with a Bachelor’s Degree pass.

Recommended Subjects: 

Employment Opportunities

Health and Safety Managers in South Africa typically work in the following sectors: 

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Municipalities
  • Government Departments
  • Manufacturers
  • Research organisations
  • SA Defence Force
  • Mines
  • Department of Agriculture

Further Information:

Department of Health

Tel: (012) 395-8000

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