How to Write an Application Letter When Looking for a Job

All job applications and interviews need you to first apply in writing, usually with a CV and an introductory letter, so here are some tips to help you find the right words to express your skills and ambitions.

How to Visualise Your Future Healthcare Career

As far as we know, we human beings are unique in our ability to think about things that don’t yet exist or haven’t happened yet. When we think of something new, like a career in healthcare, our imagination creates a picture that isn’t real. 

How to Get Started with Learnerships

A learnership is a real opportunity to earn while you learn. A learnership gives you a recognized qualification, which can raise the NQF score that you earned in school, and you get real work experience at the same

Get Paid to Study with Learnership Programmes

A learnership is a job with real training towards attaining a genuine, recognised, national qualification and often include an opportunity for employment once complete .

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