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Recognised Qualifications in South Africa

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Degree? Undergrad studies? Postgrad studies? NQF Level? Diploma?
Pretty confusing? It is! But once again, research is important. In a nutshell, the following recognised qualifications are available in South Africa.


A degree takes three to four years to complete and is offered by universities. These are referred to as undergraduate degrees and may be followed by postgraduate qualifications such as Honours, Masters or Ph.D.

National Diplomas

A National Diploma, that combines both theoretical and practical training takes three years to complete and is offered by a University of Technology. After obtaining a National Diploma, students may enrol for a Bachelor of Technology degree that takes a year to complete.


Diploma qualifications are offered by an accredited higher education provider. The duration of the courses may vary according to the field(s) of study.


A certificate takes one year or less to finish at further or higher education level and is offered by an accredited provider.

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