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Specialist Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine specialists work in emergency rooms or trauma centres and treat patients who need immediate care.

These highly-trained doctors specialize in advanced cardiac life support, trauma care and management of other life-threatening conditions.

Working as an emergency medical specialist is a high-pressure job that requires very specialised skills and quick decision-making capabilities. 

Required Qualifications

To become an emergency medicine specialist in South Africa, you will need the following qualifications:

Duration of Study

Emergency medicine specialists in South Africa typically study for about 10 years.

The first 6 years is spent on theoretical training to obtain a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB ) and the other four years in post-grad studies to obtain a Master of Medicine in Emergency Medicine (MMed) degree.

In addition to the 6 years of undergraduate study and four years of post-graduate study, emergency medicine specialists also usually spend 1 year in student internship and 1 year in community service.

Employment Opportunities

Emergency Medical Practitioners have many opportunities for usually in large hospitals or clinics.

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Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HSPCA)

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