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Ambulance Officer/ Emergency Service/ Paramedic

Ambulance Officers, Emergency service and rescue officials and paramedics are often the first responders at an accident or medical emergency scene.

Their role is to stabilise patients and provide immediate, stabilising emergency care  (from basic first aid to highly-specialised emergency treatment) on-site for patients or victims and ensure their safe and fast transport to medical facilities for further care.

The learning path for careers in the emergency services range from general and basic first aid and care, to highly specialised expert advanced life support skills, from certificates in basic emergency care all the way through to Master’s degrees – the choice is yours).

Ambulance officers may also transport the elderly to hospitals as well as ill patients between hospitals and other care facilities.

Emergency service and rescue officials often also carry specialised equipment for rescuing people from very dangerous emergency situations.

Paramedics are highly skilled emergency medical rescue personnel, with knowledge of advanced life support protocols.

Required Qualifications

To become an Ambulance Officer/ Emergency Service/ Paramedic in South Africa, you will typically need the following qualifications:

  1. Certificate (National Senior Certificate /NC(V))
  2. Certificate (Emergency Care Certificate )
  3. Diploma (National Diploma in Emergency Medical Care
  4. Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care
  5. Code 10 and Professional Drivers Licence (Professional Driving Permit) are also required

Level of Schooling & School Subjects

Duration of Study

Ambulance Officers, Emergency service and rescue officials and paramedics study anywhere between 1 to 4+ years. These include:

  • 1- Year for a Certificate
  • 2- Years for a Diploma or 1 year if ECA course has been completed
  • 4- Years for a Bachelor’s degree
  • + Other specialised courses (depending on how far you want to go)

Employment Opportunities

Careers in the emergency services are some of the most in-demand jobs not only in South Africa but throughout the world due to their level of expertise and training.

Ambulance officers, emergency service personnel, and paramedics in South Africa can work at government or private hospitals as well as private ambulance and emergency services companies.

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Educational Institutions offering this qualification

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Certificate/Higher Certificate/Diploma/Degree):

University of Johannesburg (Diploma/Bachelor degree):

(Satellite campuses around the country offer the diploma course under the auspices of UJ).

Sefako Makgatho Health Services University:

Durban University of Technology:

Nelson Mandela University:

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