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Social Worker (Professional)

Becoming a social worker is one of those careers where it’s not just a job, it’s a calling. Social workers care deeply about making a difference in both people and communities lives. Their role is to provide support, protection and assistance to those in need and who are vulnerable or in crisis.

It’s also a very rewarding career with many opportunities in South Africa.

If helping people is your passion, then a career in social work could be for you!

Required Qualifications

To become a professional social worker, you will need a university degree.

There are many universities and institutions that offer these degrees. 

Level of Schooling & School Subjects

Entry requirements differ per institution, but a National Senior Certificate is required for becoming a professional generally required school subjects for National Senior Certificate include:

Duration of Study

Professional social workers in South Africa typically study between 3-5 years. (Postgraduate studies also available)

Employment Opportunities

You will have to register with the South African Council for Social Service Professions in order to legally practise professionally as a social worker. 

Employment opportunities include opportunities in the  private sector, welfare organizations and governmental or non-governmental organisations

Further Information

South African Council for Social Service Professionals

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