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Veterinary Technician

A veterinary technician prepares vaccines, serums or tissue samples takes blood samples and performs medical tests in a laboratory environment for use in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases in animals.

Other responsibilities also include ensuring the health, productivity and reproductive health of the livestock and animal population in our country. Investigating and preventing disease in animals by implementing health strategies is another important part of the job. 

How to become qualified in this field (learning path):

  1. NSC or NC(v) 
  2. N-Dip
  3. B-Tech

Note: NSC or NC(v) Requirements may differ for entry into the various educational institutions.

Level of Schooling & School Subjects:

  • NSC with a Bachelor’s Degree pass
  • Compulsory Subjects: Mathematics, Physical Sciences.

Recommended Subjects: Life Sciences.

Duration of study

N-Dip 3-31/2 years

B-Tech – 1 Year


The agricultural industry

Further Information:

SA Veterinary Council

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