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South African nurse in a scrub suit wearing a stethoscope and carrying a medical file

Healthcare Career Portal

The Health and Welfare Sector has a number of different career opportunities to offer. Whether you are looking for the perfect career or starting your first job, there is something in here for everyone. Jobs include nursing aides, administrative assistants, hospital specialists like doctors and nurses as well as veterinarians.

To make things easier we have created an online resource that will help you find what best suits your needs by using our easy-to-use Career Finder tool

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Career Guidance

The HW Careers Guidance Portal gives you the opportunity to explore different careers in health and welfare. You can find out about what skills are required for these jobs, what qualifications you need, where to study and how to assess your suitability for a career in this sector.

This career portal combines comprehensive information on career guidance with top insights into tips that will help students take their first steps towards achieving their dream careers.

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Healthcare Career Opportunities

Whether you want to be a doctor, vet or nurse – our resources will help bring your career goals into reality.
Our careers page offers information on all the various fields in healthcare that are available and how they work.

There is also an interactive quiz that can give you personalized insight into what kind of nursing degree might suit your needs best!

Discover your dream career

Use the career finder to discover your next career move and gain access to a range of resources to help you get there. 

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Health & Welfare Career Finder

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