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Health Information Manager

A health information manager is responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing health information services. As a healthcare professional, HMIs manage clinical and administrative data in order to meet the medical, legal, ethical and administrative requirements of healthcare delivery. 

The specific duties and responsibilities of health information managers may vary per organisation, but they typically include the following:

  • Using health information systems to collect, organise, and secure health information. These include patients’ medical histories, diagnoses, prescribed treatments and medications, and other relevant medical information,


  • Overseeing the data collection and management to ensure that data is stored accurately, safely and efficiently,


  • Conducting regular audits to ensure that processes involved in the collection and management of health information comply with relevant rules and regulations,


  • Acting as a liaison between clinical and non-clinical personnel in order to improve data collection and management.


Health information management is a good career choice if you like collecting and organising data, improving techniques and processes to make them as efficient as possible, and working with different types of people to achieve a common goal.

How to be a Health Information Manager in South Africa

Get the Required Qualifications

To become a Health Information Manager in South Africa, you will typically need the following qualifications:

  1. Certificate (National Senior Certificate / NC(V) Specific requirements of the educational institution Learning Pathway)
  2. Diploma (National Diploma in Health Services Administration)
  3. Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor of Information Management )
  4. Postgraduate Degree (Master of Science in Medical Informatics)

Demonstrate Competence in the Required Subjects

Different educational institutions may have different admission requirements; however, you will typically be required to demonstrate competency in the following subjects:

Accumulate Years of Relevant Study and Experience

Health information managers in South Africa typically study and train anywhere between 1-3 years.

Find Relevant Employment Opportunities

There are plenty of employment opportunities for Health information managers in South Africa and they often work in small and large clinics, hospitals and private medical practise.

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