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Medical Field

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Math & Science

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General Medical Practitioner

General Practitioners look after the health and well-being of their patients and communities. They treat and diagnose injuries. General practitioners have very close relationships with their patients. Day to day duties may include examining and diagnosing patients, prescribing medicines and sometimes performing minor operations. Thorough knowledge of diseases and their symptoms is required for this diagnosis and treatment. 

General practitioners may also refer patients to a specialist.

How to become qualified in this field (learning path)

NSC or NC(v)

Degree: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

  1. Theoretical training: 6 years.
  2. Student internship: 1 year.
  3. Community Service: 1 year

Level of Schooling & School Subjects

National Senior Certificate (Matric), or equivalent with a Bachelor’s Degree pass.

Compulsory Subjects

Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Recommended subjects:

Life Sciences

Duration of study

7-8 Years


After completing your studies you will need to register with the Health Professions Council

of South Africa (HPCSA) before you can practise medicine. 

General practitioners have many opportunities for employment including

  • Public and Private Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Research laboratories
  • Clinics and nursing homes
  • Government departments and municipalities
  • Large industries and organisations
  • Large resort hotels, ships and other places where large groups of people gather
  • Private Medical Practice

Further Information

Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HSPCA)

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