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Veterinary Public Health Professional

Becoming a Veterinary Public Health Professional means that you help safeguard human health by preventing zoonotic diseases or diseases that are transferred from animals to humans. 

For example, the agricultural industry is a sector that could potentially spread disease from animals to humans and it is the responsibility of veterinary public health officials to implement measures to ensure food safety. 

They will also actively help prevent disease by testing animals and animal food products for diseases and pathogens for early detection and plan for emergency response to outbreaks should this be the case. 

Required Qualifications

To become a Veterinary Public Health Professional in South Africa, you will typically need the following qualifications:

  1. Certificate (National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a Bachelor’s Degree pass)
  2. Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) – at Onderstepoort, near Pretoria)
  3. Post-graduate Degree (Master of Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Public Health (MMedVet))

Level of Schooling & School Subjects:

Duration of Study

Veterinary Public Health Professionals in South Africa typically study for up to nine years. The first six years are spent on obtaining a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and the next three years are spent on obtaining a Master of Veterinary Medicine (Public Health).

Employment Opportunities

People who want to work as a Veterinary Public Health Professional in South Africa often find work in the agricultural industry.

Further Information:

South Africa Veterinary Council

Related University Degrees

In South Africa, there is only one university offering qualifications in Veterinary studies: the world-renowned Onderstepoort facility at the University of Pretoria. 

University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort:

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