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Ready, Set, Go! Start a New Job like a Pro!

No matter what position you have attained, any first job in the professional working world is exciting and puts you in a new and diverse environment quite different to school and college.

The good news is that you can prepare and learn how to be an employee and co-worker that bosses, managers and colleagues want to work with – and keep around!

The Secret To Success At Studying Part-Time

o matter where you are right now, at some stage you are going to want to build on your skillset, even if you already have a job and that means you will need to navigate the world of studying part-time.

Pursuing a Healthcare Career Without Going to University

A Career In Healthcare is Possible Without a Perfect Matric

You're set on a healthcare career. You’ve sweated your way through matric and got your marks. perhaps some of your marks aren't as good as you had expected and your healthcare career plans are no longer as clear.


As one year ends and another begins, most of us take the chance to reflect on what’s gone – and think ahead, counting our blessings & committing ourselves to make positive changes in the new year…

What’s In Your Skills Toolbox?

No matter what job you have, each work experience will give you skills to add to your toolbox of abilities and knowledge that you carry with you – and add to – during your whole working life. Here’s how to get started.

The Job Interview 5 Tips To Getting It Right

interview. No matter if you are interviewing for a learnership, a training programme or your first job, any interview can be nerve-wracking.

How to Write an Application Letter When Looking for a Job

All job applications and interviews need you to first apply in writing, usually with a CV and an introductory letter, so here are some tips to help you find the right words to express your skills and ambitions.

How to Visualise Your Future Healthcare Career

As far as we know, we human beings are unique in our ability to think about things that don’t yet exist or haven’t happened yet. When we think of something new, like a career in healthcare, our imagination creates a picture that isn’t real. 

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