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World Vet Day: Why choose a career in the veterinary sector?

Did you know that there is a severe shortage of veterinary professionals in South Africa? Internationally the norm is to have between 200 and 400 vets per million of the country’s population and South Africa has just 60 to 70 vets per million.

This year alone, HWSETA has awarded 95 bursaries to veterinary sector students to help tackle this skills crisis and to encourage transformation of the sector.

As we mark World Vet Day on 29 April, HWSETA honours the lifesaving work performed by veterinarians around the world. We also chat to some current vet students about why they decided to pursue a career working with animals. Could it be the perfect career for you too?

“I came from a small town where there is not even one vet. I am passionate about becoming a vet because I grew up in a community where we had so many production animals and there was not much information about how to take care of them, even though those animals are the main food source for most families.” – Pretty Morrison, 4th year Veterinary Science student.

“The reason I chose to study this is because I love animals and I am very passionate about animal care. Coming here has allowed me to actively take a role in becoming a voice for the voiceless.” – Tumelo Mothokoa, 2nd year Veterinary Nursing Student.

“I grew up on a farm and around animals. Being a vet is something I’ve always wanted to do. I dreamt of being in the veterinary field and want to help the greater population to have healthy animal products.” – Thembelihle Fakude, 1st year Veterinary Science student.

 From veterinarians to veterinary nurses, and veterinary technicians, there are a wide range of possible careers in animal healthcare that you can pursue. They help animals, whether pets and food sources, wild or domestic to live healthy lives.

You can explore some of these career options today by visiting the #HWCareers Portal.

We will help guide you through what the key differences in these careers are, what soft skills you might need, and how to get the required qualifications.

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