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HWSETA Vaccination giveaway Terms and Conditions:

HWSETA Vaccination giveaway Terms and Conditions:

The HWSETA Vaccination giveaway is in no way sponsored or administered by Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of this competition. The HWSETA Vaccination giveaway is open to residents of South Africa only (A valid South African ID Card or ID Book is required for entry), except staff of HWSETA and all other related agencies and promotional partners. The HWSETA Vaccination competition is administered and organised by HWSETA and its related agencies. There will only be 6 HWSETA funded prizes plus additional spot prizes available to be won. Only 6 HWSETA funded prizes can be awarded per entrant/winner as well as additional spot prizes to be won.

The winners of the HWSETA funded prizes will be required to meet the minimum requirements as stipulated by the HWSETA and the selected learning institution and will be selected via a vetting and interview process between 30 September 2021 and 30 October 2021- Entrants and/or winners of the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway will be required to undergo a vetting process to ensure they meet the minimum requirements as set out by HWSETA and by the selected higher learning institution in the faculty of predetermined faculties within the health, social development and veterinary fields of study. Entrants/winners that have already received funding for higher learning studies or have been approved for higher learning studies funding are not eligible for entry and will immediately be disqualified. Selected entrants/winners of the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway will need to make themselves available for interviews at a regional HWSETA office, failure to attend the interview process will result in immediate disqualification of the entrant and no further correspondence will be entered into. Only entrants that meet the minimum requirements for the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway, as stipulated by HWSETA, the entrant will only be eligible for one of six HWSETA Vaccination giveaway prizes and/or additional prizes, Should the selected entrant/winner not meet the minimum entry criteria as set out by HWSETA or the higher learning institution and/or has received funding and/or been approved for funding and/or has failed to maintain a minimum pass mark for higher learning, the HWSETA will have no choice but to disqualify the entrant/winner and the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway prize will be forfeited and awarded to the runner-up for the selected qualification. 

The HWSETA Vaccination giveaway prizes are not redeemable for cash and are not transferrable whatsoever. The judge’s decision is final. Participants are to abide by the rules and regulations stated by the organiser. In case of dispute, the organiser’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained. There will be no obligation to pay, purchase or subscribe to any further products over and above the allocated/awarded competition prize. Only HWSETA staff, management or elected representatives will contact entrants/winners and can be verified by calling the HWSETA Head Office on Toll-Free Number: 0800 864 478 or email hwseta@hwseta.org.za or email the digital marketing team, Active Brand Communications on Tel: 011 454 4408 or email: hello@hwseta.online

The HWSETA Vaccination giveaway will run from 6 September 2021 to 30 September 2021 23:59 pm. HWSETA reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this competition at any time and if required by the related authorities.

HWSETA Vaccination giveaway Entry Mechanics:


Send your #VAXXED Selfie and stand the chance of winning one of two Early Childhood Development Level 4 Learnerships or a Mobicel Zoom 7” Tablet or 1 of 4 Phantom Bluetooth Headphones!

Entering is Easy! All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Like/Follow our page 

2. Post your VAXXED Selfie in the comments or on your timeline and tag @HWSETA_SA with #VaxxedToTheMax.  

3. Tag 3 friends

4. Winners will be announced end of October 2021.

5. In order to qualify for the learnerships, learners cannot already be enrolled in a learnership, studying or employed. Failure to comply with these minimum requirements will result in immediate disqualification.  Learners are required to have a valid Matric (Grade 12) 

6. Competition runs from Monday 13 September 2021 to Monday 20 September 2021 

7. For further Terms & Conditions click here >> https://hw-careers.co.za/ 

**Please note that a strict vetting process will be in place and ALL steps need to be followed in order to be considered a finalist/winner**

During the Vetting process, shortlisted entrants will be required to answer a list of questions in order to move to the next round for final vetting and selection to be awarded on of the six stipulated learnerships:

  • The entrant will be required to state whether or not he/she has completed Matric (Grade 12) as yet. (Yes/No)
    • In the case of the entrant selecting ‘yes’, he/she has completed Matric (Grade 12), the entrant will be required to enter his/her Matric (Grade 12 Marks) which will be required to state whether Matric exemption with or without Maths and Science has been achieved.
      • In the case of the entrant selecting ‘no’, he/she has not yet completed Matric (Grade 12), he/she will automatically be disqualified from the competition and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  • The entrant will be required to state whether or not he/she is currently studying or employed. (Yes/No)
    • In the case of the entrant selecting ‘yes’, he/she will automatically be disqualified (as the competition is ONLY open to learners that are NOT currently employed or studying). 
    • In the case of the entrant selecting ‘no’, he/she will automatically be moved to the next round of vetting. 
  • Should entrants falsify any information submitted during the registration process, the entrant will immediately be disqualified and no further correspondence will be entered into. 
  • Entries for the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway close on 30 September 2021. 
  • Only one (1) entry is allowed per entrant for the Vaccination competition. 
  • The selected ‘entrants’/‘winners’ of the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway will be contacted telephonically and by email by an authorised HWSETA representative and requested to email his/her Matric (Grade 12) certified copy of results, a copy of his/her Identification (ID) card or book, as well as corresponding letters. 
  • Failure to submit all required paperwork within the specified time from being notified  during the vetting process, the finalist will immediately be disqualified and the next runner-up will become eligible as a finalist or shortlisted entrant for the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway. The process will be repeated, where necessary should any of the runners-up/finalists not be able to submit the required documentation for vetting purposes. 
  • Should the finalists have submitted all the required paperwork and have met the minimum requirements of the competition as stipulated and the finalist has been successfully vetted by an HWSETA authorised manager or member of staff, the finalist will have preliminarily been approved to ‘win’ the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway prize. The finalist will then be required to attend an interview with an HWSETA manager or authorised member of staff. 
  • The finalists will be required to meet with an HWSETA authorised representative/s at one of the HWSETA provincial offices (depending on the provincial location of the finalist), in order to complete a final interview process, whereby the finalist will be required to submit all original paper work and sign an HWSETA contract before being awarded/announced as the ‘winner/s’ of the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway. Failure to attend the final interview process on the agreed date, will result in the finalist being immediately disqualified and no further correspondence will be entered into; and the HWSETA competition prize will be awarded to the next shortlisted runner-up/finalist.
  • On successful completion of the vetting and interview process/’s, the approved finalist/’s will be required to sign a standard HWSETA Contract, agreeing to the standard terms and conditions contained therein, and will thereafter be awarded and announced as the ‘winner/’s’ of the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway prize/’s. 
  • The winner/’s will be announced on all HWSETA social media platforms and press releases will be sent to all major publishing/news houses for immediate release. 

HWSETA has a right to publish the name and/or photo of the winners on its social media channels and to distribute the photo and information to other Internet Sites under license, contract, or common ownership with the company; include the photo in advertising and promotion materials, and to include the winner’s photo or information in print and non-print products. Shortlisted entrants/winners of the HWSETA funded undergraduate bursaries prize will be notified via email, phone, and HWSETA Social Media Channels. Shortlisted entrants/winners must claim their prize within two weeks of being notified or forfeit the prize, whereby the prize will be awarded to the runner-up, which will be communicated on the HWSETA social media channels accordingly. 

Minimum Entry Requirements (Non-Negotiable): 

Minimum requirements:

* Communication and Mathematical Literacy at NQF level 3 or equivalent.

* Second language at NQF level 2 or equivalent.

 Access to the Qualification:

* No person with a child abuse record; history of violent crimes; or substance abuse record; should be considered for this qualification

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is a priority area within the South African context and is supported by legislation, national policies and strategies. The development of babies, toddlers and young children forms the most critical foundation of further development into childhood and adulthood. There is thus a vast need for ECD services, and it is critical that the field should be served by competent practitioners. In order to meet the needs at ECD level, it is important to be able to identify and recognise competent ECD practitioners who are able to work in a variety of ECD contexts. This qualification will provide a means to give recognition to practitioners at an entry level, thus making it possible for practitioners to increase their employment prospects, and at the same time provide the field with suitably qualified practitioners.

  • HWSETA Vaccination giveaway Competition Award Requirements:
  • The HWSETA Youth Month competition prize will only be awarded to:
    • South African citizens with a valid South African Identification (ID) book or card;
    • Parents valid Identification (ID) book, card or passport (for dependent applicants); 
    • Academic record;
  • HWSETA Vaccination giveaway Details:

The HWSETA Vaccination giveaway is administered and regulated through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between HWSETA and the university/institution of higher learning. The MOA is revised annually based on demand and/or any amendments to the terms and conditions contained therein. HWSETA, from time to time, issues bursary circulars through which communication to the leaner, via the institution, is conveyed. 

  • Progression Criteria:
    • HWSETA has its own progression rule for renewal. 
    • The beneficiaries are expected to pass to be able to progress into the next year with the qualification.
      • A beneficiary is required to pass all modules registered for the current academic year;
      • A beneficiary must continue to study in the same stream;
  • Exclusions:
    • HWSETA Vaccination giveaway prize programme excludes:
      • Repeat modules;
      • Supplementary exams expenses;
      • Laptops, stationery and other study materials;
      • Household accommodation;
      • Additional costs charged by Private Accommodation, i.e. Deposit, renewal fees, admin fees, etc. 
      • Non-academic charges such as gym membership, political affiliations fee, Wi-Fi, laundry, interest on overdue fees, etc. 
      • Historic debts;
  • Learnership Termination:
    • HWSETA reserves the right to terminate the Vaccination giveaway prize programme if:
      • The beneficiary/winner is found to have breached any terms and conditions of the competition, as defined by the HWSETA Vaccination giveaway Agreement;
      • The beneficiary/winner is found to have defrauded HWSETA in any way, i.e. Purchasing of books other than those prescribed by the higher learning institution; 
      • The beneficiary/winner fails to pass all registered modules;
      • The beneficiary/winner is found guilty of any misconduct or ill-discipline by the higher learning institution;
      • The beneficiary/winner is found to have failed to uphold and/or adhere to the requirements of the Youth Month Competition agreement;
      • The beneficiary/winner is excluded due to poor performance, exceeding N2 rule;
      • The beneficiary/winner fails to complete the qualification on record time. 
  • Other Terms and Conditions:
    • The beneficiary/winner must inform HWSETA of any circumstantial changes that may affect their academic performance in any way;
    • The beneficiary/winner will enter into an agreement with HWSETA, as per the terms determined by HWSETA;
    • The beneficiary/winner understands that HWSETA is under no obligation to approve the future funding of the bursar;
    • The beneficiary/winner understands that HWSETA is under no obligation to secure employment for the bursar after the terms of the qualification prize has ended. 

HWSETA reserves the right to change or amend the terms and conditions of this competition/lucky draw at any time and no correspondence will be entered into. HWSETA reserves the right to, from time to time, issue policies and/or directions in relation to bursaries, which will be applicable to the bursary and with which entrants/finalists/bursars are obligated to comply. Please further note that the terms and conditions as set out herein may be extended and/or amended at the sole discretion of HWSETA and the same should not be construed as closed or limited to the above.  

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